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92 Book Contests with Links

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I've been assembling a list of book contests for my Zoom students, a mixture of first book, open contests, and open reading periods. I thought it might be useful for others, so here it is. I cannot vouch for these contests (nor contest culture generally), though most of these presses are well-known and have long track records. Links won't always land you exactly where you need to be, but are always less than two degrees of separation from the necessary Submittable page. Good luck!

Book Contests

6. Juniper Prize (UMass)--9/30

11. Jake Adam Yorke (Levin) 10/15--$25

20. Perugia Press Intro Award—11/15--$30

22. A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize (BOA)—11/30--$25

25. Black Lawrence Press (Open Reading)--11/30

26. White Pine Press Poetry Prize—11/30--$20 (mail only)

28. Gival Press Poetry Award—12/15--$20

30. Hollis Summers Poetry Prize--12/31--$30

39. Kathryn A. Morton Prize (Sarabande)—2/15

45. Washington Prize (Word Works)—3/15

48. Airile Press--3/15

51. Hudson Prize--3/31 (1/31 $5 discount)

53. Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize—4/1--$30

54. Orison Books 4/1--$25

56. Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize (Pitt)— 4/30--$25

59. The Hillary Gravendyk Prize, Inlandia Institute—4/30--$20

60. The Iowa Poetry Prize—4/30--$$20

64. Wick Poetry Prize—5/1--$30

68. The Max Ritvo Prize—5/21--$25

70. Berkshire Prize Tupelo Press—5/31--$31

82. Passengers Press—7/22

84. Howling Bird Press Book Prize (CNF in 2022 / alternates genres)--7/31

86. Omnidawn Open--8/14

92. Off the Grid Press Prize (Poets Over 60)--8/31

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